6 Simple Steps to Kick Start your Florida Real Estate Career

You have tirelessly worked through your Florida real estate course, passed your state exam, and received approval for your Florida Real Estate License. Phew!

So, what are the next steps to becoming a successful Florida Real Estate Agent?

Starting out in a new profession is daunting for everyone, so concentrate on your desire to succeed in your new Real Estate Profession and hit the ground running!

Step 1. Choose a Real Estate Brokerage

There are many considerations to take into account when deciding which brokerage to work for. Your primary objective of being your own boss is to generate a healthy income.  Choosing a successful real estate brokerage will help you achieve your objective.

Finding a Real Estate Brokerage with an excellent reputation within the local community is imperative. As you will be affiliated with the brokerage brand, choose wisely. The more benefits and support a brokerage is willing to give you the better!

If you are new to the Florida real estate industry and have little in the way of connections, some real estate brokerages will supply you with leads to get you started. It is also important to find a brokerage who will support and guide you in your first few years of working as a real estate agent, to help you on a successful career path. Meeting with as many employing brokerages as you can, and discussing the benefits, and support that they can give you, is your first step in kick-starting your real estate career.

Step 2. Join the National Association of Realtors and your Local Realtors Association.

Joining the National Association of Realtors offers real estate professionals a variety of opportunities, to grow their real estate network, complete further real estate and licensing education, and provides access to events and seminars.

You will also be able to call yourself a Realtor and present yourself as a highly trained real estate professional!

Joining your Local Florida Realtors Association will also give you access to networking opportunities in your local area. Attending your local association events will provide you with valuable opportunities, to meet suppliers to the real estate industry, connect with other sales agents and brokers, and meet experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for a long time. Meeting experienced professionals that you can call on for advice, will help you greatly in establishing a rewarding career in real estate. (And may help you in completing Step 3!)

Step 3. Find a Real Estate Mentor

Finding an experienced Real Estate Professional to mentor you throughout your first few years of working as a real estate agent, could help you tremendously in building your real estate career.

You may meet like-minded professionals at local real estate events and seminars. Don’t rush to find a professional mentor. Remember, a mentor isn’t just someone who is successful in the real estate industry, but also a person that you share common values, and similar opinions with.

Finding a real estate mentor that you can build a strong long-term relationship with, should be able to help you build upon your strengths and skills, as well as help you to work on your weaknesses. It is important to understand that critical feedback from a mentor is always a positive thing. They are helping you to improve your career and build upon your real estate expertise and professionalism.

Step 4. Get Networking

How successful you are at building a real estate network will effectively define how successful you are as a real estate agent. Working in the real estate industry is all about meeting new people and building relationships. Joining your Local Florida Realtors Association and attending local industry events is a great place to start, and meet industry professionals, but how do you build a successful real estate network of potential customers?

Engage with your local community. Join in, on local fundraisers, community projects, and events. By doing so, you will have ample opportunity to get to know the local residents in your area, as well as showing people you are a person who cares about your local community.

Get online and build your social real estate network. If you already have a Facebook account, promote your real estate services. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are all popular social media platforms that you should be using when promoting yourself and your services. One point to make is that you are now a professional! And your image is everything! Remember to update your profile picture to reflect how you wish to be perceived by your potential customers, and other real estate industry professionals!

Step 5. Create Your Very Own Real Estate Business Plan

As you are now a professional real estate entrepreneur it is time to create your very own business plan. You do not need to create a complex corporate plan, that takes you tremendous amounts of time, research, and a lot of head scratching.

Keep your plan simple. Write down your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your opportunities for growth. Establish what you need to do, in order to improve on your weaknesses, and how to best use your strengths. Set yourself goals each month, whether it be a number of new potential customers to contact or a commission goal. Goals help keep you motivated and focused on your career progression. They can also build on your sense of achievement.

Step 6. Don’t Give Up

Working in sales means there will always be good days and bad days. It is how you learn and recover from the bad days that will help you to grow within the real estate profession. The time you invest in learning the real estate industry, building on your skills and real estate networking abilities, and honing your negotiation skills to perfection, will convert into a flourishing career as Florida real estate agent, and may lead you on a path to opening your very own brokerage!

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