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Q. Does Florida have real estate licensing mutual recognition with any states?2021-11-04T12:36:09+00:00
A. Florida has mutual recognition with  states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska,  and Oklahoma. You will need to apply for your Florida Real Estate License and take a Core Law Course, which MLS Campus does not offer it at this time.
Please visit the DBPR for more information on Florida’s Mutual Recognition agreement
Q. Do you offer classroom instructor-based classes?2021-11-04T12:35:28+00:00
A. No. All MLS Campus Courses are only available online.
We do, however, offer full support to our students. Our student support team can be reached by calling (877) 331-6235. We are available 7 days a week, from 9am-7pm (EST)
You can also contact us by email: support@mlscampus.com
Q. What do I need to do, to renew my Florida real estate license?2021-11-04T12:34:51+00:00
A. To maintain your real estate license, all licensees must comply with post-licensing or continuing education requirements and pay necessary renewal fees.  This also applies to those licensees with a suspended license. If your required education is not complete and/or reported, you will NOT be able to renew your license.
License Renewal Periods
The initial effective date of a real estate license is the date the applicant passed the license exam. All real estate licenses are issued with an expiration date of either March 31 or September 30. The expiration date (March 31 or September 30) that is assigned to a particular license is the date that will give the licensee as close to 24 months of licensure as possible, without exceeding 24 months. License law mandates that the initial license period must provide the licensee at least 18 months of licensure but not more than 24 months. For example, assume the initial effective date of a sales associate license is July 25, 2013.
Example Question
What expiration date will give the licensee at least 18 months of licensure but not more than a 24-month license period? Hint: 24 months from the initial effective date is July 25, 2015. License Renewal Periods To answer this question, ask yourself which expiration date in 2015 is closest to July 25, 2015, but not after July 25, 2015? March comes before July so the expiration date closest to July 25, 2015, but not past July 25 must be March 31, 2015. (September 30, 2015, is after July 25, 2015.) March is four months prior to July so this licensee will have approximately 20 months of licensure (24 months minus 4 months). Thereafter, this license will always expire every two years (biennially) on March 31.
To check your license expiration date, please click here
Notification Information
Sixty days before the end of the license period, the DBPR mails a renewal notice to the licensee’s last known address. If a real estate sales associate later decides to become a broker, the broker license will have a new initial effective date, and that new effective date is the date the person passed the broker license exam. Because the broker’s license is issued with a new effective date, it is possible that the broker license will have a different expiration date. For example, assume the sales associate’s license expired biennially on March 31. Depending on when the sales associate passes the broker license exam, the new broker’s license may have a September 30 expiration date.
Q. When do I have to renew my Florida real estate license?2021-11-04T12:33:39+00:00
A. All newly licensed sales associate and broker licensees must take required post-licensing education before the end of the first license renewal period. Your license will become null and void if you fail to take the post-licensure education within the initial licensure renewal period, as mandated by Florida statute.
Sales Associates who fail to complete the 45 Hour Post License Sales Associate Course must re-qualify for licensure by meeting all current licensing criteria.  Broker and broker associates who fail to complete post-licensing education may request to revert to sales associate status within 6 months following their license expiration but must have complied with the applicable continuing education requirements, before their new sales associate license can be activated.
Q. What if I finish the course in under the designated amount of hours?2021-11-04T12:32:41+00:00

A. We do not track how long you are logged into your course and system. While working through your real estate course online, you will learn and complete the assignments at your own pace, whenever it’s convenient for you. The courses are set up, so that it takes the average student approximately the number of hours designated on the course, to complete all the learning assignments.

Q. How long does it take to become a licensed real estate agent?2021-11-04T12:31:58+00:00

A. The course itself takes about 4 weeks to complete for most students, since the majority are working full time jobs. Students must also submit their license application to the DBPR and be approved for the state exam. The application usually takes four-six weeks, from the day you submit your state license application, to the day you pass your state exam. The online course is a great option to fit a variety of schedules for working students.

Q. How long is my course certification of completion valid for?2021-11-04T12:31:03+00:00

A. Your course certification is valid for two years. If you were approved for your state license, your approval is also valid for two years.

Q. I failed the course exam what are my options?2021-11-04T12:30:18+00:00
A. If you do not pass the final exam on your first attempt, you will be given a link to a second final exam. The second exam cannot be taken until thirty days after the first exam according to Florida real estate regulations. The other option will be to retake the whole course without waiting 30 days.
*MLS Campus offers students both options for free.
Q. How can I be better prepared to pass the course exam on my first try?2021-11-04T12:29:23+00:00

A. Practice. Practice. Practice. Students who take the practice exam two or more times, receive a passing grade of 70% or higher, and are passing all of our course exams on their first try. In addition, make sure that you are receiving 100% on all your chapter comprehensive test and quizzes. Review the course material on the questions you are answering incorrectly.  To be better prepared for the state exam, try to get in the mid to upper 80’s and 90% on all your practice exams, and also when taking the practice exams, in the Florida Real Estate State Exam Prep

Q. I finished the course reading assignments, how many times can I take the practice exam?2021-11-04T12:28:11+00:00
A. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the practice exam. Our statistics show that students who take the practice exam, two or more times, receive a passing grade, and are passing the course exam on the first attempt.
*MLS Campus offers a free practice exam, with all our online courses.
Q. I purchased the basic package and I have decided I want to add the exam prep and/or math prep what are my options?2021-11-04T12:27:22+00:00
A. You can purchase them separately on our website.
Florida Real Estate State Exam Prep For Sales Associates & Brokers
Florida Real Estate Math Cram Course For Sales Associates & Brokers
Q. I have purchased the real estate pre-license sales associates package, what else do I need?2021-11-04T12:25:07+00:00
A. We advise you to start your application with the state of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).
Please read our step by step guide on How to get Florida Real Estate License
Q. I am having trouble registering; it says my email is already in use or my courses are not showing up when I login. What should I do?2021-11-04T12:23:13+00:00

A. If you need any assistance, or if you have issues registering, please give us a call. (877-331-6235) Usually, the email was registered, but you did not get the activation email. If you purchased a course and it is not showing up, there has been an issue with the processing of the payment.

Q. What device/s can I use to access my course, and is there anything I need to download, flash, videos etc?2021-11-04T12:22:06+00:00

A. No with our courses there is nothing you need to download, we do not use flash or video players. If you can get on the internet with your device you can access your course. Just choose your favorite platform; PC, iPad, Tablet, Mac, Smartphone and even Nooks/Kindles and your favorite browser, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla or Safari and you will have access to your class.

Q. How long do I have to finish my real estate course?2021-11-04T12:21:19+00:00
A. MLS Campus provides students with 6 months access to their course from the date of purchase. If needed, we offer 30 days extension for free.
Please contact MLS Student support for more information. Call : (877-331-6235) or Email: support@mlscampus.com
Q. What are the advantages of taking online real estate classes?2021-11-04T12:20:18+00:00
A. Students who take an online real estate course pass the Florida Licensing Exam the first time at a higher rate (70%) than classroom-based classes (35%).
MLS Campus Real Estate Courses are exclusively online. You can access your course from your PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smartphone from the comfort of your own home, or your favorite coffee shop! You can study at your own pace, whenever, and wherever you choose 24/7
Q. Why are the prices of your real estate courses so much lower than other schools?2021-11-04T12:17:58+00:00
A. Many people wonder how we are able to keep our prices so low. All of our real estate courses are available exclusively over the Internet. MLS Campus has almost 10 years experience in providing approved real estate courses to students. We provide quality courses to a high volume of students, and the majority of our students return to us, to take further education. The end result of this is that MLSCampus.com, is a highly-efficient operation, with fantastic courses, FREC accreditation and a commitment to customer service excellence. It is value-conscious customers like you that will keep us in business for years to come. Thank you!
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Q. What are the differences between pre and post license courses?2021-11-04T12:16:39+00:00
A. To become a licensed real estate sales associate in the state of Florida., you are required to pass a pre-license course and pass the final state exam. You must renew your license between 18 months and 2 years, from the date you first received your license. In order to renew your license, you must pass the 45 Hour Post License Sales Associate Course and pay a license renewal fee to the DBPR.
If you are progressing to a broker license, after working as a sales associate, you will need to take a pre-license course and pass the final state exam. You must renew your license between 18 months and 2 years, from the date you first received your license. In order to renew your license, you must pass the 60 Hour Post License Broker Course and pay a license renewal fee to the DBPR.
You only are required to take the post license course once, prior to the initial renewal of your real estate license. Every renewal period after, licensees will be required to take continuing education courses.
For more information read our blog on Real Estate Sales Associate Post License Requirements
Q. I live out of state, can I take this class and take the state license exam?2021-11-04T12:10:26+00:00

A. Absolutely. As with all students, you will need to purchase the relevant course and apply for your state license.

Q. Which real estate license do I need?2021-11-04T12:09:51+00:00
A. An individual typically begins a real estate career in Florida as a licensed real estate sales associate. Applicants who are starting out in a career in real estate, are required to take the 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre License Course and pass the Florida state license exam.
If you have 2 years’ experience of working as a sales associate, in the last 5 years, and you are looking to progress to a broker license, you are required to pass a 72 Hour Broker Pre License Course, and pass the Florida state license exam.
If you have been practicing as a broker in another state, and have held an active license for 2 years, out of the last 5 years, you can take the 72 Hour Broker Pre License Course, and pass the state license exam, in order to obtain your broker’s license in the state of Florida.
For more information please read our step by step guide on How to get a Florida Real Estate License
Q. Is MLS Campus Real Estate School licensed?2021-11-04T12:06:21+00:00

A. MLS Campus is owned and operated by MLS CAMPUS Inc. Our Real Estate School is APPROVED by FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission) (Approval #ZH1002474). We are licensed and permitted by the Florida Real Estate Commission, to teach Florida real estate license courses. MLS Campus has a Florida real estate school permit issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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