A. To maintain your real estate license, all licensees must comply with post-licensing or continuing education requirements and pay necessary renewal fees.  This also applies to those licensees with a suspended license. If your required education is not complete and/or reported, you will NOT be able to renew your license.
License Renewal Periods
The initial effective date of a real estate license is the date the applicant passed the license exam. All real estate licenses are issued with an expiration date of either March 31 or September 30. The expiration date (March 31 or September 30) that is assigned to a particular license is the date that will give the licensee as close to 24 months of licensure as possible, without exceeding 24 months. License law mandates that the initial license period must provide the licensee at least 18 months of licensure but not more than 24 months. For example, assume the initial effective date of a sales associate license is July 25, 2013.
Example Question
What expiration date will give the licensee at least 18 months of licensure but not more than a 24-month license period? Hint: 24 months from the initial effective date is July 25, 2015. License Renewal Periods To answer this question, ask yourself which expiration date in 2015 is closest to July 25, 2015, but not after July 25, 2015? March comes before July so the expiration date closest to July 25, 2015, but not past July 25 must be March 31, 2015. (September 30, 2015, is after July 25, 2015.) March is four months prior to July so this licensee will have approximately 20 months of licensure (24 months minus 4 months). Thereafter, this license will always expire every two years (biennially) on March 31.
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Notification Information
Sixty days before the end of the license period, the DBPR mails a renewal notice to the licensee’s last known address. If a real estate sales associate later decides to become a broker, the broker license will have a new initial effective date, and that new effective date is the date the person passed the broker license exam. Because the broker’s license is issued with a new effective date, it is possible that the broker license will have a different expiration date. For example, assume the sales associate’s license expired biennially on March 31. Depending on when the sales associate passes the broker license exam, the new broker’s license may have a September 30 expiration date.