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What to Look for When Buying Real Estate


The first thing that most of us think of is the adage... "location, location, location". While that is certainly very critical, there are many other things to consider when buying real estate. Here are some universal guidelines. How long do you intend to stay in a home This is an important question to consider because moving is quite expensive. If you're in a temporary job and may soon be relocating to another city or even state, renting rather than owning might be a better option. While none of us entirely knows how our future will play out, understanding how [...]

What to Look for When Buying Real Estate2023-01-13T15:06:39+00:00

What Does Properly Priced Mean


In a market where demand is strong and it has become more difficult to figure out how much buyers are willing to spend, how do real estate agents determine the right asking price for a house? It has never been an exact science. These days, agents often find themselves starting at a higher price than is borne out by the facts and go from there. Supply and demand, of course, dictate asking price. Obviously, if the supply is low, the asking price will have to be adjusted upward to meet it. In general, though, the asking price is a [...]

What Does Properly Priced Mean2022-12-07T21:03:05+00:00

Where You Work Should Help You Decide Where to Buy


If you're entering into the real estate market for the first time, you'll hear the old adage: location, location, location. That's three of the key factors... I'm kidding but, location is, indeed, a very important concern. However, many buyers think location is most important because of the surrounding area. So, if the neighborhood is nice, with parks, good schools, retail stores nearby, and somewhat close to freeways, it's a good location. But what also makes it a good location is how close it is to your work. These days many people are telecommuting, which allows them to work from [...]

Where You Work Should Help You Decide Where to Buy2023-01-13T15:12:51+00:00

When it Comes to Fair Housing, What Can You Say


Some myths take on a life of their own. Not only do they refuse to die, but also they grow and expand. Recently, it has come to our attention that this seems to be true of what we might call the real estate myth of prohibited language. Like most myths, it began in a truth. The truth was, and is, that Section 804(c) of the Fair Housing Act "prohibits the making, printing, and publishing of advertisements which state a preference, limitation or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin." The prohibition [...]

When it Comes to Fair Housing, What Can You Say2022-12-07T18:45:19+00:00

What You Should Look for When House Hunting


What you should know when looking for a house If you’re shopping for a home and can afford to buy one, you couldn’t be in a better position right now. In many parts of the country, housing inventory is high and both home prices and interest rates are low and as a buyer, you can take advantage of that. With so many properties on the market, you can probably take a more leisurely approach to house hunting without getting into a fast-paced bidding war. There is a caveat, however. The best homes priced properly for the market conditions [...]

What You Should Look for When House Hunting2022-12-07T21:02:07+00:00

Four Tips For Building Inventory


How To Build An Inventory Making the Most of Your Market Opportunities It's certainly a different market than we saw a year or two ago isn't it? The buyers are out in force and agents are now fast and furiously competing to both find and market new listing inventory. If EVER there's been a time where listings are the name of the game? It's right now. Let's look at four tips and tools you can use to position yourself as the go-to agent for listings in your market. 1. Systematically Work for Sale By Owners and Expired listings [...]

Four Tips For Building Inventory2022-12-07T20:03:40+00:00

Which Repairs Should You Make?


Which Repairs Should You Make? If you're preparing to place your home on the market, it's inevitable that you'll need a couple of minor repairs and slight improvements before your broker can drive a "For Sale" sign into your front yard.Practical and aesthetic projects like a fresh coat of paint drain neither time nor money and can make your home more attractive while perhaps speeding your sale.But what if a larger item needs repair, something which doesn't jeopardize anyone's health or safety—a problem of the "out of sight, out of mind" variety. Should you simply disclose it and leave the [...]

Which Repairs Should You Make?2022-12-07T20:10:54+00:00

How to Create a Real Estate Business Plan


Why do you need a real estate business plan? Creating a real estate business plan may seem like a daunting task, but it does not need to be complicated, or overly time-consuming. You can create your own real estate business plan in just a few simple steps. Creating a strong real estate business plan will help you identify areas of business that you can improve upon, and opportunities that you can take advantage of, in order to grow your real estate business. By developing your plan, you can keep yourself motivated and focused on achieving your goals and [...]

How to Create a Real Estate Business Plan2022-12-07T21:32:15+00:00


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